Spring Inspirations

The tilt of the earth’s axis towards the sun increases during Spring extending the daylight hours and the warmth. Nature responds as new plants ‘spring’ to life, streams swell with run off from melting snow and once again we are lured back into the outdoors.

Spring brings with it a zest for life and new beginnings. Lets bring this feeling of excitement and anticipation into your outdoor room


Spring flowering Australian natives include:
—Isopogon anemonifolius or Broad-leaved drumsticks is a small to medium sized shrub with clusters of globular yellow flower heads. This plant is able to withstand drought and light frost. In coastal areas with exposure to sea breezes, they grow as a tufty ground cover whereas in more sheltered areas they grow as upright shrubs up to 2m high.
— Leiocarpa panaetioides or Wooly Buttons is also a yellow flowering shrub that attracts native birds. It has silvery-grey foliage with hemispherical heads of yellow flowers and grow in sunny locations in heavy soils. In the wild they can be found growing in grasslands and floodplains.
— Doryanthes palmeri or Spear Lilies have long, bright green, sword-shaped leaves that form a giant rosette. Their large reddish-brown flower heads grow in springtime on a 2–5m spike. Spear Lilies like well-drained soil and regular watering.


Limestone is a finely grained stone featuring remnants of sea life and shells often visible on its surface, making it an interesting option for wall cladding. A honed or highly polished finish will accentuate these unique details.

Glass panels are a sensible option for people with a small space or wanting an unobstructed view through to the space beyond. For pool fencing or protection from the weather, clear glass allows a transparency that makes gardens look seamless and larger. You can also explore tinted or textural glass options for varying degrees of privacy or sun protection.

Furniture, Soft Furnishings + Accessories

Day beds and casual dining settings are a great furniture addition for your outdoor room in springtime.

Why not introduce some wall art to your outdoor room. Large sculptural elements could be mounted on walls or hung from the ceiling as a focal point. You could even hang a painting; just ensure it is protected from the weather.

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