When it comes to hedging, it’s the attention to the finest details that stands out most. You want your hedges to look exceptional and in perfect shape year-round. Spruce Landscaping are your trusted partners for superior hedging and shrub maintenance for a stunning result every time.

Hedging is a fine art. Shrubs don’t stay bush, green and looking fabulous all on their own! It takes the right blend of strength, a steady hand, an eye for detail and precision tools to get the job done smoothly.

To give your hedges the VIP treatment they deserve, look no further than Spruce Landscaping. Our hedging skills are highly regarded in the industry and it’s a cornerstone of what we do. Book them in with us to keep them healthy, happy and producing a stunning bloom to wow your family and friends – every single day of the year.

How often your hedges require pruning and care depends on the type. Straight edges and precision workmanship is the hallmark of every great finish. Formal hedges, that like a wall of a single shrub, need trimming several times a year for the best look. Informal hedges are those which appear as individual plants. These need less pruning but more maintenance care to keep them looking as good as gold (or green!).

Spruce Landscaping have 13 years of experience looking after beautiful hedges and ensuring they never miss a beat. If you have small or medium sized hedges (or even the tallest in the block), your reputation is safe with Spruce. For us, the key to a stellar hedge is simply quality workmanship and an eye for detail. We’re leading hedging professionals in Melbourne for good reason – see the difference we can make today.

Why Choose Spruce Landscaping for Hedging?

  • We stop at nothing to achieve the perfect hedging for your property. We are professional landscapers who take what we do seriously – and we want your hedges to be the best on the block too!
  • Spruce only use the most durable, precise and high-quality pruning tools on the market. We’re built a reputation for exceeding our client’s expectations. The finish speaks for itself.
  • We’re an Australian owned company with a local touch. Just like you, we’re part of the community and love helping you out – give us a call to ask how we can assist with your big outdoor dream.
  • Our tradesmen are the best in the business. We are landscaping experts who are fully qualified, police-checked and fully insured. If you’re going to get it done, it pays to work with the best.




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