Spruce Landscaping Guarantee

All work performed by Spruce Landscaping is fully guaranteed

Our Guarantee Covers:

Hard Landscaping
  1. All materials are fit for purpose and warrantied by our suppliers
  2. All structures are built to the residential building code
  3. All top-soils and mulches are of the highest quality. (Can be sourced weed free as an extra cost)
Turf Natural
  1. Sourced from certified suppliers
  2. Supplied directly from supplier to site to ensure health of turf
  3. Covered by our “Thrive Guarantee” when selected as an option for your project
Turf Synthetic
  1. All synthetic turf comes with a 5,7- or 10-year warranty (depending on which product selected)
  1. All plants are sustainable sourced from accredited suppliers
  2. All planting is performed with care to ensure plant survival
  3. Diseased or defective plants will be replaced free
  4. Covered by our “Thrive Guarantee” when selected as an option for your project
  1. Hard landscaping supplies are procured from environmentally responsible sources
  2. All soils, fill materials and mulches are sustainable sourced
  3. All organic refuse is composted or recycled

Plant and Lawn Thrive Guarantee

Nothing is more heart breaking than having plants or turf die in a newly established or renovated garden. Because of this we offer our Thrive Guarantee.

  1. The Thrive Guarantee covers all plants and natural turf from death for 60 days after completion. If death occurs plants and turf will be replaced at no cost.
  2. The Thrive Guarantee Is a cost option we provide prior to commencing the work and is specified in your quote
  3. We take extra time watering pre and post planting, bedding in plants and applying fertilizer (and mulch where applicable)
  4. We return to the site between 3 to 5 days later to check plants and re water.
  5. A watering and plant care schedule will be provided so appropriate after establishment care is provided

For more information about the Thrive Guarantee, please email the Spruce Landscaping team hello@sprucelandscaping.com.au or call 1300 556 532.