Vertical gardens are rainforest-like walls that can add a brand-new dimension of beauty, colour and life to any urban space. They imitate the natural green walls found on rock faces in the wilderness to provide a calming feeling to anyone who moves past it.

Green walls are brilliant for any area that’s craving a touch of nature. They provide a range of mental and physical benefits including the lowering of anger, pain and anxiety – just like going for a walk outside amongst the trees.

Spruce Landscaping are specialist suppliers and installers of these beautiful vertical gardens to suit any residential or commercial space. Our experts can identify the best location for optimal benefits and easy maintenance. We can manage the project from start to finish for a garden feature that your family, guests or colleagues will adore.

Vertical gardens are great for the environment, reducing carbon dioxide, decreasing noise, filtrating pollution and providing spaces with a cooling ambient temperature. There are a range of colourful varieties to choose from, with soil-less options available. Vertical gardens are very low maintenance and cheap to run, making them an ideal option to turn any home or office space into a work of art.

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Plants that can be included in vertical gardens: fuschia, agapanthus, begonia, bromeliads, ferns, anthuriums, callisia fragrans, chlorophytum, peperomia, impatiens, plectranthus and more.

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  • Spruce Landscaping are vertical garden specialists. We are qualified landscape gardeners based in Melbourne, Australia who can work with you to plan, install and maintain your vertical garden from now into the future.
  • We’ve got over 15 years of knowledge & experience as expert landscapers. We’re the name you can trust for an amazing finish every time that meets your budget and timeline.
  • Spruce are not just vertical garden experts. Look to us for your landscaping, decking, paving and maintenance needs. We’re a one-stop-shop for keeping your outdoor areas happy and healthy year-round.
  • Our reputation is built on workmanship and high-quality materials. We only source and use the best products on the market so our clients know they’re always getting a superior service.




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