Paving is the ultimate in elegance, flexibility and durability when it comes to styling the outdoor areas of your home. You can achieve every aesthetic, style and finish you could possibly imagine with pavers, all while keeping it functional and at a price that always fits the budget.

You can use pavers in many different ways to create amazing visual effects, splash colour in your yard and create convenience in everyday life. A range of materials and styles are available to choose from. Throw them underfoot for a tough-as-nails yet attractive driveway, use them to set off your divine alfresco area, pretty up your footpaths, or produce a gorgeous patio. Whatever you’ve got in mind, pavers can make it happen with ease.

There are plenty of paving specialists out there to choose from. When choosing a contractor to help your paving project you need someone you can trust, with a great track record, who will respect your property and put their hearts into creating a stunning finish. Spruce Landscaping have been doing just this for locals like you in Melbourne for over 13 long and happy years.

Quality paving needs professional skill and expertise. Attempting a project without them is the quickest way to a rocky finish that lead to a range of issues. Spruce Landscaping have the specialised tools and heavy equipment needed for a stellar job, so you can relax knowing your paving is going to look fantastic when it’s done.

Types of Paving

Spruce only use high-quality, 100% Australian materials. We cater for all types of designs and paving styles so you get the finish you’ve been dreaming of.

We can help you with (but not limited to):

  • Block paving – for a modern and stylish finish, with flexible designs to choose from.
  • Sandstone paving – a strong, durable and low-maintenance paver that can be found in every colour, shade and texture under the sun.
  • Granite paving – ideal for a stunning visual impact that is hard to ignore.
  • Concrete block paving­ – Built to last and looks fantastic. Can be used for almost every setting, be it contemporary or traditional.
  • Natural stone paving – when you want pure class and elegance, look no further than natural stone pavers to make your home stand out. Can also be used on walls, as well as floors!

Spruce Landscaping can provide a start-to-finish paving service for your next outdoor project. We can work with you from the planning phase to create a paving design that will make your heart flutter. Or, if you’ve already got a vision, we can take care of the rest. Just tell us what you need and we can make it happen. From sourcing and delivering through to excavation, foundations, laying and sealing, we are your first choice for perfect paving.

Have a paving project in mind? Talk to Spruce Landscaping today for the best knowledge and advice. We’ll steer you in the right direction for a paving job well done, every time.


Why Choose Spruce for Your Paving Needs?

  • Spruce are a 100% Australia, family-owned company. We’re based here in Melbourne and employ local tradesmen. From the first time you call, it’s always personalised service with a big smile.
  • We are the professionals you can trust. Our large portfolio includes a range of diverse commercial and residential properties. We’re the first choice for our clients when it comes to outdoor projects – and we can be yours, too.
  • Our tradesmen and staff are fully insured, and have been police-checked for your security. Your property is always safe with us. We treat your garden and home with the respect it deserves.
  • Workmanship, workmanship, workmanship. We’re all about the finer details that others forget. Here at Spruce, landscaping and paving is a lifestyle. We live wit with passion.




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