Upgrade your garden to the greenest on the block with a brand-new irrigation system. Stop leaving your garden’s success up to chance and set up an automatic watering system that brings the best in your yard – every day of the year.

Over Summer it can be hard to give every plant and flower the water they need. Even one day missed can have an impact. If you’ve noticed unusual coloured foliage, wilting flowers and drooping leaves, you know how frustrating it can be. Getting the right watering balance can be complex and time-consuming, and it’s far too easy to ruin all your hard work.

Irrigation systems are the answer for home-owners who want to take the stress out of gardening. They put you in control with timers and remote controls to automatically give your yard the perfect balance of water and care. It means less time worrying and more time spent relaxing and enjoying your lovely landscape at home. Set and forget at its finest!

Spruce Landscaping are irrigation specialists. We can come into your garden work with you to design, plan and install a combination of systems to keep it healthy and happy around the clock. Our experts can provide exactly what you need to enhance every aspect of your garden. The result? A green, colourful, bright, delicious garden to boost your energy and wellbeing every day of the year.

Our irrigation services include:

  • Planning – Spruce can strategically plan your irrigation for maximum benefit. Every area has different needs – we make sure every element gets the right balance. Measuring – We calculate water flow rate, surface elevation and land measurement to make your watering more efficient – and cheaper.
  • Recommending – Spruce can determine the right irrigation for you. Microspray, Drip and Pop-up are just some of our great options.
  • Installing – Spruce can assemble your irrigation system from start to finish. You can be up and running on the same day – giving your plants exactly what they need for a happy garden.
  • Maintaining – Have an irrigation system already? Spruce can provide maintenance to keep it working at its best for longer.

Thinking about an irrigation system, but want to learn more? Give Spruce a call and our landscapers can help you out!

Why Choose Spruce for Irrigation?

  • We have over 13 years of experience in landscaping, and have the knowledge & expertise to create the most effective irrigation systems for gardens in Melbourne.
  • Spruce Landscaping are a family owned business, and are proudly 100% Australian. Spruce is the landscaper next door you’ve always wanted – we’re just a phone call away.
  • Spruce have built a reputation for absolute attention to detail. From start to finish on your project, nothing gets past us.
  • We tailor our irrigation and landscaping solutions to suit your unique garden. No landscape (or home owner!) is the same, and we treat you that way.




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