One of the secrets to creating a happy, thriving garden full of life is the practise of mulching. Mulch is an active material that can be layered on top of your soil to unlock faster garden development. Spruce Landscaping are mulching experts who will select the perfect mulch mix to make your garden shine.

Mulching is a game-changer for your garden for several reasons. Firstly, it stops soil drying out, reducing watering by up to 60%. It is great for preventing weeds from affecting your garden’s glow. Mulching is also essential for good soil temperature which is the secret to healthy plant growth. Why not throw in some mulching with your next Spruce Landscaping job?

The right mulching mix is vital for the best results. That’s where Spruce come in. Organic or inorganic, straw or pea-based mixture, we know the right product to bring you the results you really want for a garden you will love.

If your garden needs a revitalising boost, mulching could be the perfect answer for you.

Why Choose Spruce for Your Mulching?

  • We have been professional gardeners and landscapers in Melbourne for 13 years. Our tradesmen are highly qualified and have the experience you need for the stunning finish you deserve.
  • Spruce have a reputation for attention to detail. We are true perfectionists when it comes to your garden. Our landscapers do the little things that make the biggest difference on your job.
  • We aren’t pulling your leg when we say that we love gardening. Seriously – at the end of the day, we come home from a happy day in your yard simply to grab the tools and work on ours. It’s a way of life.
  • Have a question? We’re a family-owned, local business who are here to help. We’re always open with extended hours so you can always get in touch.




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