Flowers and their meanings

Everyone loves a beautiful bunch of flowers, but the next time you plan on giving someone a bouquet don’t just go for the next colourful bunch, choose them based on their meaning.

POPPY – Symbolises both dreams and resurrection. In Australia we commonly associate it with remembering soldiers on Remembrance Day.

PEONY – Symbolises bashfulness, peace and female beauty. Give to someone who you highly value.

White roses symbolise purity
Red roses symbolise sacrifice, immortal love and passion.
Pink roses symbolise innocence and healing, great for a first love.
Yellow roses symbolise joy and protection.

DAFFODIL – Symbolises new beginnings, honesty and truth. They are the perfect flower to give as a token of appreciation.

TULIP – The red tulip symbolises the declaration of love. But most tulips symbolise opportunity, adjustment and aspiration.

APPLE BLOSSOM – Symbolises heady love, peace, sensuality and fertility. A beauty to plant in your backyard.

CAMELLIA – Symbolises desire, passion and refinement. Give a camelia to your sweetheart or to someone you hope to be your sweetheart.

DAHLIA – Symbolises a sign of warning, change, travel and adventure. Put on your mantle piece and they will temper your adventurous side.

LILY – Symbolises partnerships and lasting relationships as well as fertility and nurturing. Give to brides-to-be and new mothers.

PANSY – Pansies symbolise remembrance, togetherness and union. They are the flower you give when you are remembering someone who you have shared fond and memorable experiences with in the past.

SUNFLOWER – Symbolises spiritual attainment, flexibility and opportunity. A great house warming gift or for someone who is working towards something.



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